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arms sales

Military Industrial Complex

US foreign arms and training programs are out of control

The New York Times confirmed this week what we've long suspected, that American forces don't properly vet proxies fighting on their behalf.

Military Industrial Complex

Critics say Turkey uses US-made F-16 fighters to kill civilians

So doesn't this — and the $259 million in planned upgrades — violate Biden's brand new arms transfer policy?


Egypt planned to secretly arm Russia with rockets: Discord leaks

Sisi told his deputies to be discreet in order to ‘avoid problems with the West.’

Middle East

Lawmakers ask Biden to investigate Israel's use of US arms

American weapons sales cannot be used to commit human rights abuses; increasing West Bank violence has caused some in Congress to act.

Military Industrial Complex

Should Biden's new arms transfer policy apply to Israel?

The US has literally built the Israeli weapons industry, which in turn sells arms to governments who use them to commit human rights abuses.

Military Industrial Complex

New Biden arms sale policy puts human rights abusers on notice

The White House issued its strictest transfer policy in decades, but experts are waiting to see results.