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Middle East

What would multilateral security in the Middle East look like?

Even with a new JCPOA guiding the way, the effort to bridge all of the conflicting interests and countries would be enormous.

Middle East

Middle East security still fragile, with or without Iran nuclear deal

A renewed agreement will ensure stronger ties in some areas, while setting into motion new challenges elsewhere.

Middle East

Don't be fooled: Biden's trip was no boon to the Arab people

But it was probably very productive (and profitable) for Israel, Arab autocrats, and American arms manufacturers.

Middle East

The stark contradictions of US policy in Ukraine and the Middle East

Washington sends arms to Europe to fight for democracy, while American weapons to Arab autocrats help defeat the struggle for freedom.

Middle East

Iran’s hardliners pursue a complex resistance strategy

President Raisi's need to alleviate his people's economic suffering will serve as impetus for both a JCPOA return and regional diplomacy.