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arab spring


Nine years after Rabaa massacre, US still turns blind eye to Egyptian abuses

Washington continues to treat el-Sisi with kid gloves, supplying the despotic regime with aid, hurting its own credibility in the process.


The US helped Tunisia become 'the biggest disappointment of the Arab Spring'

The recent apathetic vote to give the current president more autocratic powers is a reflection of many missed opportunities on our part.

Middle East

US announces $2.5B arms deal on anniversary of Egypt's Arab Spring

On a day in which many are reflecting on their failed democratic revolution, Biden gives the authoritarian now in power more weapons.

Middle East

How Biden should engage Bahrain

There’s an opportunity for Washington to reset relations and help steer the Gulf Kingdom toward a more inclusive society.

Middle East

10 years after: Why the Arab Spring ended in a cruel winter

The 2011 uprisings lacked a transnational movement strong enough to challenge powerful despots and their friends in Washington.