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Talking is not appeasement — it's avoiding a nuclear armageddon

The chances of this widening into a much more devastating conflict demands the West explore what may be possible.


Putin annexations mean US-Russian talks more critical than ever

Moscow's moves are a serious escalation — Washington must heed its Cold War lessons now to avoid a wider confrontation.


Biden's dangerous refusal to reverse Trump's Western Sahara policy

Trump recognized the wholesale annexation of one country by another. If Biden lets that stand, the global implications are deeply troubling.

Middle East

Biden must prevent Israel’s march toward annexation

The Netanyahu government is moving ahead unimpeded with the Trump 'peace' plan.

Middle East

The biggest danger of Israeli annexation may lie in Jordan

King Abdullah II has warned the United States that he fears that annexation could cause significant conflict within Jordan, as well as between Jordan and Israel.

Middle East

Biden's toothless position on Israeli annexation: another Middle East mistake?

If Israeli governments come to believe there is no price whatever to be paid by them for denying Palestinian statehood, they will never allow Palestinian statehood nor end their occupation.