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Washington Politics

Joe Biden should not try to out-hawk Trump on Venezuela

There's a more constructive way forward that doesn't involve the military or incendiary rhetoric.


How Beijing will respond to the anti-China fervor sweeping the US

In response, Beijing is likely to use its economic might and trigger a wide-ranging and flexible toolkit of coercive measures that it has used strategically throughout the world.


VIDEO: Don't fall for the cold war trap

A cold war is heating up with China, particularly after a new report that Joe Biden is going to try to — mistakenly — try to out-hawk Trump.

Washington Politics

Why Bernie will win in 2020

While the coronavirus has accelerated Bernie-ism to take shape economically, it's his foreign policy ideas that are the future of the U.S. abroad.

Washington Politics

Media fail to identify xenophobia as Biden says Trump ‘rolled over for Chinese’

Joe Biden and some of his supporting super PACs are choosing to adopt, rather than challenge, the anti-China premise of the Trump campaign's attacks.

Washington Politics

What the world will look like in Trump's second term

We should take German Chancellor Angela Merkel seriously when she said 'the times in which we could completely depend on others are on the way out.'