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Mark N. Katz

Why the Kremlin may be sweating the war in Israel and Gaza
Middle East

Why the Kremlin may be sweating the war in Israel and Gaza

Russia has a lot to lose should the conflict move beyond Israeli borders into Lebanon, Syria or Iran.

Middle East

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is also Iran's loss

Leaders in Tehran tout the country’s close ties with Moscow, but they can’t be happy with the ripple effects of the war in eastern Europe.

Middle East

Russia’s growing ties with Gulf Arabs

Moscow’s ability to build relationships with US regional allies is raising flags with the Biden administration.

Global Crises

Why is Moscow paying the Taliban to kill Americans?

Much of the media attention has focused on whether Trump knew and why he hasn’t done anything to stop it. But no one’s asking what’s motivating Putin.

Middle East

What’s  the meaning of Moscow’s murky moves in Libya?

Now that Turkey has joined the fight, is Russia looking to settle for a stalemate?