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Sarkozy vilified for speaking uncomfortable truths about Ukraine

The former French president offers a diplomatic way out — the commentariat responds with reflexive 'pro-Putin' invectives.

Military Industrial Complex

US military promises 'hellscape' of drone swarming in future China war

The new project, as announced to a confab of defense industry executives yesterday, was no doubt music to their ears.


Can sanctions help win peace? According to this report, not likely

Not only does economic warfare not work because it ends up hurting the people it claims to help, but it can stand in the way of diplomacy.


What's so bad about 'aggressive neutrality'?

Imran Khan may have found out the hard way that not toeing the US line on Ukraine — or anything else — can be dangerous.

What Putin would get out of eliminating Prigozhin

What Putin would get out of eliminating Prigozhin

For one, his rival's demise dashes hopes that the Russian leader's rule might soon be undermined by internal turmoil. Here's why.

Washington Politics

GOP debate bloodbath over Ukraine leaves room for agreement — on China

All agreed Beijing is the greatest threat to the US, particularly at the American border. So what are they going to do about it?