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Tevah Gevelber

Global Crises

End of an era? Retiring the GWOT medal for all

Experts say narrowing the recipients for this award signals a symbolic as well as practical shift away from counterterrorism and towards China.


The Humanitarian Paradox: When do we fight, why do we fight?

Human rights legal scholar Aslı Bâli discusses the pitfalls of US intervention and a different path forward: restraint.


Why are Americans so unplugged from the wars in their own name?

Author Mary Dudziak talks about how we have handed over the prerogative for war to the president, and why.

North America

American Empire is marching into the sunset — can we handle it?

Author Daniel Bessner thinks it's time for the reckoning, and restraint is the way ahead.

Military Industrial Complex

Military families facing housing, health, and food challenges, survey finds

The results may help explain in part why the military is having recruiting troubles.