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Saeid Jafari

Middle East

Why Tehran is reestablishing close ties with Venezuela

Aside from avoiding U.S. sanctions, Iran’s new president needs to mollify hardliners and separate himself from his predecessor.

Middle East

How will Iran respond to closer Persian Gulf-Israel ties?

While in recent years Tehran has had a strong presence of friendly forces in the vicinity of Israel, now it is Tel Aviv that is encircling Iran more than ever.

Middle East

Where does Iran stand in the India-China regional rivalry?

Iran is aware of the differences and rivalries between New Delhi and Beijing. Accordingly, Iran will not put all its eggs in the Chinese basket.

Middle East

How will Iran respond to renewed conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia?

The complicated nature of the geopolitics of the region has made it more difficult for Iran to clearly define its policy towards the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Middle East

Iran may exit the nuclear accord if the US succeeds in extending UN arms embargo

Rouhani knows very well that if his government continues to unilaterally implement the nuclear deal, he will come under more attacks from his political opponents and hardliners.