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Mandy Smithberger

Cutting the Pentagon budget by $1 trillion? It can be done.
Military Industrial Complex

Cutting the Pentagon budget by $1 trillion? It can be done.

But whether our leaders continue to succumb to the power of the arms lobby is an open question.

Military Industrial Complex

America's nearly $1.3 trillion national security budget isn't making us any safer

A shift in spending toward urgent priorities like addressing the possibility of future pandemics would be a far better investment in “national security.”

Military Industrial Complex

Why the Pentagon budget never goes down

A new cold war atmosphere will allow the Pentagon to hoard resources that would otherwise go to our greater public health and safety needs.

Military Industrial Complex

The Pentagon, first, last, and always

Make no mistake: the addiction to Pentagon spending is a bipartisan problem in Washington.

Washington Politics

How the national security state has come to dominate a 'civilian' government

The immediate crises of the American republic should be clear enough right now: responding to the pandemic and restoring our civilian democracy.