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Kelly M. Mcfarland

How US arms sales fuel corruption around the world
Military Industrial Complex

How US arms sales fuel corruption around the world

The Biden administration has vowed to combat cronyism and can start by confronting the security sector.

Washington Politics

New report shines light on dis- misinformation campaigns by US Gulf allies

Headlines tend to gravitate toward Russian, Iranian, and Chinese info ops, but those originating in Saudi Arabia and the UAE are just as harmful.

Middle East

The Death of Oman's Sultan Leaves a Void of Stability in a Volatile Region

It would be smart for Oman’s two closest Western allies, the United States and Great Britain, to reach out to work with the new leader as soon as possible.

Washington Politics

Why It's Important That Cities Are Becoming Major Players in International Affairs

Increasing inaction at the national level means that cities are playing larger role in internatioanal affairs than ever before.