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James A. Russell

Madeleine Albright would have been proud of Biden's regime change 'gaffe'

Madeleine Albright would have been proud of Biden's regime change 'gaffe'

It was as if the late Secretary of State was by the president's side as he spoke of Putin and the fight between good and evil.

Washington Politics

No victory at sea: How the US Navy crises impact national security strategy

The US Navy is woefully unprepared to confront twenty-first century security challenges.

Global Crises

America's forever wars have finally come home

Americans seem rightly offended by their military being used to police their own neighborhoods, but they have also largely stood by as it has waged counterinsurgency in neighborhoods around the world.

Washington Politics

How the COVID-19 crisis has exposed the 'great power' structure of international politics

Why are the U.S. and China considered the world's two greatest powers when they both have bungled the coronavirus crisis so badly?

Washington Politics

The Dawn of War and America’s Strategic Fog

The assassination of Qassem Soleimani emphasizes America’s confounding inability to think through the role of military force as an instrument of strategy.