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John Mueller

What if Israel didn't set out to 'destroy Hamas'?
Middle East

What if Israel didn't set out to 'destroy Hamas'?

The case for a limited response after the October 7 attacks.

Global Crises

How a cottage terrorism industry made a lion out of an al-Qaeda mouse

A new book puts together documents uncovered at Osama bin Laden's hideout and finds the roots of a 20-year threat inflation.


China has been a failure at hegemony, so let's just chill

From the foundering Belt & Road Initiative to its so-called 'wolf warrior' strategy, Beijing is just not the threat we make it out to be.


What if the US didn’t go to war in Afghanistan after 9/11?

For President Bush, the only option was revenge, but an alternative path was available.

Global Crises

The Taliban agreement isn’t ideal, but the U.S. military has to get out of Afghanistan

Many have compared the U.S.-Taliban agreement to Vietnam but Afghanistan doesn't fit neatly into a North-South divide.