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Emily Milliken

Niger Algeria

Why Algeria wants to prevent war in Niger

Algiers is shopping a plan to restore democracy after the coup in Niamey and stave off a foreign military intervention


What is China doing in Yemen?

Beijing is playing nice with all sides in the conflict there, appearing to hedge its bets for when the war finally ends.

Middle East

Egypt and Iran's path to rapprochement

Détente between the two most populous Mideast states follows a regional pattern of renewed diplomacy.

Middle East

What does the outcome of Turkey elections mean for Syria? A lot.

Bad blood continues to boil between Assad and Erdogan, with the latter not as eager as other Muslim states to pursue a detente.


How long can Algeria's neutrality in the Ukraine war last?

Algiers has interests in keeping good relations with Moscow and the West, but Putin prolonging the conflict could change the calculation.