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Emma Claire Foley

Global Crises

Biden's nuke review abandons campaign rhetoric on disarmament

While the new nuclear posture document curbs some of the worst excesses of the Trump era, it lacks vision for world without atomic weapons.

Global Crises

How Putin’s Ukraine war has intensified the nuclear threat

As long as doomsday weapons exist, conventional great power conflict will always carry a risk of their use.

Military Industrial Complex

Another gratuitous defense budget highlights absurdity in US priorities

Throwing more billions of dollars at the Pentagon (that it didn’t even ask for) won’t do anything to vaccinate the world from COVID-19.


To bring China into nuclear negotiations, start with the South China Sea

It’s clear that today the U.S. believes it stands to gain from a strengthened role for international law in governing use of the Sea. More importantly, it’s a way to set the tone for a future relationship with China guided by mutual adherence to multilateral treaties.