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Djavad Salehi-Isfahani

Middle East

Protests, drones send Iran’s economic recovery in spiral

But the situation is complicated, and the West’s next move could make it much worse for ordinary Iranians

Middle East

No, Iranians aren't negotiating from a weak economic position

In fact its economy grew 4.3 percent last year, calling into question the hawks' view that 'maximum pressure' is beating Tehran into submission.

Middle East

The road to Iran's 'Resistance Economy' passes through a revived JCPOA

The lifting of US sanctions is critical to fulfilling Raisi’s economic campaign promises whether he likes it or not.

Middle East

Will Iran’s new president turn the economy around?

Ebrahim Raisi promised to create jobs, but it may take more than simply rejoining the JCPOA to do it.

Middle East

Is Iran’s economy really sinking?

JCPOA opponents have been cherry picking an IMF report to claim Trump’s ‘maximum pressure’ campaign worked.