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Assal Rad

Washington Politics

The US and its faux 'rules-based order'

A recent UN meeting about the Iran nuclear deal showed how Washington doesn't live up to the standards it's constantly preaching.

Middle East

How ‘othering’ Iranians leads to bad policy

You don’t realize how demonization – in the media and in politics – has poisoned the relationship until you step back and look at the history.

Middle East

Ending forever wars must include economic warfare

Sanctions like those imposed on Cuba fail to achieve their stated policy objectives and create misery for millions of innocent people.

Middle East

Regime changers love to think Iran is always on the 'brink of collapse'

But they're wrong and after decades of failed sanctions to bring the regime to heel, it's time for 'maximum diplomacy.'

Middle East

Why Biden must ignore Sen. Coons’ ‘caveats’ and stay on course to return to the Iran deal

Opponents of diplomacy will be pushing for Biden to squeeze more out of Iran before returning to the deal; it won’t work.