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war on terror

Congress to replace 2001 AUMF with … 2001 AUMF
Washington Politics

Congress to replace 2001 AUMF with … 2001 AUMF

If you were expecting Congress to reassert its war-making authorities, think again.

The 'war on terror' lives on 22 years after 9/11
Global Crises

The 'war on terror' lives on 22 years after 9/11

Despite being out of Iraq and Afghanistan, the US has normalized a militarized approach to security worldwide

North America

The War on Terror led to over 4.5 million deaths: report

The new estimate highlights the deadly and ongoing impact of America’s post-9/11 wars.

Military Industrial Complex

Another Durham review in need of investigation: torture

Lawmakers want to examine the special counsel's investigation into Russia-gate. But let's not forget his other flawed inquiry, years ago.

Global Crises

The US military is operating in more countries than we think

A new report finds that DOD uses 'security cooperation' programs for 'secret wars,' recommends that Congress rein them in.

Global Crises

20 years after Iraq War vote, Barbara Lee is fighting to end the War on Terror

In an exclusive interview, the anti-war Democrat breaks down her efforts to rein in the president’s ability to wage war.