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Middle East

Iran's Revolutionary Guards don’t belong on the foreign terror list

Nuclear deal opponents are whining about this non-issue as it’s reportedly the remaining sticking point in re-entry talks.

Already fragile JCPOA talks 'paused' over Russian demands

Already fragile JCPOA talks 'paused' over Russian demands

Moscow is playing hardball, but the question remains: do they mean to make the others sweat or scuttle the deal completely?

Middle East

Pence tells Israeli paper: We will tear up any new nuclear deal with Iran

Why could Tehran want to sign anything now? To have a likely '24 presidential candidate say this now is a deal killer.

Middle East

High stakes at the Vienna nuclear talks with Iran

Tehran’s negotiators must consider the wider political and strategic implications of every move they make.

Middle East

For true JCPOA re-entry, Biden must tear down this sanctions wall

The real political work will have to be done in DC, not Vienna, thanks to the new terror embargoes slapped on by Trump.

Middle East

Vienna could be a small step toward bigger places if US-Iran take advantage of it

'Who goes first' can be avoided if both sides come up with a simultaneous plan outlining their full return to compliance.