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Middle East

Media help launder US military PR on joint drills with Israel

Three separate reports from CNN, NBC News, and Reuters were almost identical in repeating official talking points and ignoring criticism.

Military Industrial Complex

Failing F-35 fighter grounded once again

A faulty engine caused the $1.7 trillion boondoggle fighter to crash during a December quality check.

Military Industrial Complex

Do we truly have the 'world's greatest' military?

2021 exposed the yawning gap between our military's mythic reputation and its actual performance in our post-9/11 wars.

Military Industrial Complex

US Cold War with China — first stop, Equatorial Guinea

Right out of the playbook: hype the threat of a potential Chinese naval base facing the Atlantic, get more funding for military operations.

Military Industrial Complex

Jet fuel in Hawaii's drinking water the latest example of military's negligence

Despite warnings, the Navy opposed closing a faulty tank at Pearl Harbor, while a recent bout of contamination made local residents seriously ill.

Military Industrial Complex

Will US military failures touch off a 'revolution from below'?

The civ-mil divide and the health of our volunteer forces are of urgent concern right now, with blame pointed at the top.