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Ukraine and the great revival of American empire

Kyiv's fate has always been an afterthought. The real goal is reinvigorating NATO and, by extension, US primacy.

North America

Puerto Rico: A launchpad for empire in the Caribbean

The island, which has been continuously colonized since the 1490s, is a linchpin of US power projection overseas.


A very long war: The common project behind Vietnam and Afghanistan

Though separated by decades, both wars were driven by a doomed commitment to American exceptionalism and ever-expanding hegemony.

North America

Answering the armies of the cheated

The entire American foreign-policy establishment has succumbed to a monumentally self-destructive ideological post-Cold War fever.

North America

Doctrines of disaster and dreams of security as the Biden years begin

If you need proof that the last superpower is indeed crumbling, consider the year we’ve just lived through, not to mention the first few weeks of 2021.