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ted cruz

Middle East

Cruz stunt highlights Washington's unhealthy addiction to sanctions

The Texas Republican is taking aim at Argentina’s vice president — a move that will likely only strengthen her domestic support.

Washington Politics

Army of Ukraine lobbyists behind unprecedented Washington blitz

An analysis of FARA filings shows they contacted members of Congress and others over 10,000 times.


Senate barely beats back Ted Cruz's Nord Stream 2 sanctions bill

The measure would have punished Russia and anyone working on the gas project, which is supported by our German partners.

Global Crises

You can't have real diplomacy without diplomats

Senator Ted Cruz's hold-up of ambassadors and the continuing logjam of State Department nominees shows how brittle the system is.


Ted Cruz's temper tantrum pays off. But for whom?

The GOP senator has swapped his hold on Biden's ambassadors for a vote on more sanctions for Russia over Nord Stream 2.