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Latin America

Biden, don't let differences over Ukraine tank your relations with Lula

The bad blood between the US and Brazil actually goes way back, but upcoming meetings provide chances for new collaboration.

Latin America

Lula reintroducing Brazil on the world stage

The country's new president will be in Washington this week looking to work with the US but also set his own path.

Latin America

Lula inaugurated, emphasizes sovereignty in Brazil's future course

The new president is clear that he's willing to work with the United States, but his country will do its own bidding in international relations.

Latin America

Biden's Venezuela policy needs a better comms strategy

The restarted negotiation process aimed at alleviating humanitarian and human rights crises needs more buy in from the Venezuelan people.

Latin America

With Lula, Biden has path to repairing relations with Brazil

The new administration in Brasilia even offers opportunities for the US to reset its role in the Western Hemisphere.

Latin America

How a populist ran circles around Colombia's old left-right machinery

Regardless of who wins the presidential run-off June 19, Washington won't be dealing with the same elite class it has for decades.