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sheldon adelson

Washington Politics

Trump tell-all cites Adelson's bankrolled Israel embassy move

Another 'Confidence Man' emerges from New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman's new book.

Washington Politics

Miriam Adelson picks up where late husband and GOP kingmaker left off

2024 candidates know what the billionaire donor wants, and that's a hawkish pro-Israel U.S. policy in the Middle East.

Washington Politics

Sheldon Adelson’s legacy of underwriting American militarism

With the GOP megadonor’s death, his influence will live on through his wife Miriam and the alt-right.


Trump’s most influential supporters drive sharply contrasting China agendas

Throughout the coronavirus crisis, Trump has gone from praising China one minute, to attacking China the next. That back and forth happens to mirror the views of some of his wealthiest supporters.

Washington Politics

Collective punishment has always been the stated goal of Iran sanctions hawks

The Trump administration isn't relenting on its 'maximum pressure' campaign on Iran because it exists to create a humanitarian crisis.

Global Crises

The New McCarthyism

Cotton’s slur against NIAC has nothing to do with curbing foreign influence and everything to do with trying to discredit a voice that has pointed out the futility of Cotton’s preferred policy on Iran of nothing but punishment, isolation, and the threat of war.