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police militarization

Military Industrial Complex

Killer Robots: Another example of war coming home to you

San Francisco just approved technology that would allow cops to use lethal force via remote control. Sound familiar?

Military Industrial Complex

Biden's clamp-down on military gear to local police has giant loophole

On its face, the president's new executive order looks like a step forward, but a closer looks reveals more of the same.

Military Industrial Complex

House defeats measure to demilitarize the police

The Biden administration should now act to stem the flow of military-grade equipment to local law enforcement.

Military Industrial Complex

Why is military surplus still pouring into American communities?

Despite Biden's promises, $34 million worth of equipment has been transferred from the DoD to local law enforcement this year.

Global Crises

Much of the work to demilitarize police has to be done at the local level

Members of Congress have jumped to action in the wake of the mass protests against police brutality but most often it’s the local police forces that have been militarizing themselves.

Washington Politics

What defunding the police can mean for US foreign policy

The massive resources allocated to both local police and the U.S. military create supply side pressures to find, if not create, enemies.