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nuclear war

Oppenheimer may win more than Oscars when it comes to nukes
Washington Politics

Oppenheimer may win more than Oscars when it comes to nukes

Nuclear weapons experts hope the movie will help revive a faltering movement before it’s too late


The West must prepare for Putin to use nukes in Ukraine

Why a former US defense attaché to Russia believes Moscow is poised to reach for the ultimate weapon.


Matlock on escalating war: 'It’s hard to see how we get out of this'

The former American ambassador spoke at a recent retrospective on the Cuban Missile Crisis and lamented the lessons lost.


No blob, we are not 'already fighting' World War III

These Washington foreign policy elites are recklessly suggesting that Russia is a universal threat that requires absolute victory over evil.


Why does Washington want to risk nuclear war with Russia?

Rep. Adam Kinzinger's proposed AUMF is the latest salvo from DC's elite pushing the US in the wrong direction to do more in Ukraine.


If we don't want nuclear war, why are we pushing for one?

Ukraine is not Vietnam or Afghanistan — Russia is not going to leave what it believes to be a key national interest without a fight.