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Why is Facebook censoring Sy Hersh's Nord Stream report?

Why is Facebook censoring Sy Hersh's Nord Stream report?

The social media giant says his piece on US responsibility for blowing up the pipeline is false, allows other stories with proven dubious claims.


The Sy Hersh effect: killing the messenger, ignoring the message

Major media are disregarding questions raised by the embattled veteran muckraker: did the US destroy the pipeline? If not, who did?


Ukraine far outperforms Russia — on the lobbying front, in Washington

Both sides had been battling it out long before Moscow's invasion, but it turned out money was no match for message in the end.

Washington Politics

Army of Ukraine lobbyists behind unprecedented Washington blitz

An analysis of FARA filings shows they contacted members of Congress and others over 10,000 times.


Senator Menendez: I want all Russians to feel the pain

The chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee is selling his sanctions proposal and promising devastation.


Senate barely beats back Ted Cruz's Nord Stream 2 sanctions bill

The measure would have punished Russia and anyone working on the gas project, which is supported by our German partners.