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Latin America

How the US should respond to Russian influence in Latin America

Moscow's regional reach is limited but Washington needs a long term plan for reengagement in the Western Hemisphere.

Latin America

Biden's 'Summit of the Americas' showcases failed Cold War worldview

By restricting the meeting to democracies, the president omitted countries key to addressing the agenda's top issues.

Latin America

Boycotts threaten to turn Biden's Summit of the Americas into a political disaster

US neighbors say the president's reported "democracy vs. autocracy" invite list is a no-go and are willing to forgo the whole thing.


Facing mounting global crises, Biden risks addiction to sanctions

Whether it's Ethiopia, Belarus, or Nicaragua, economic warfare rarely works and often winds up being counterproductive.

Latin America

Realism — and restraint — should guide US dealings with Nicaragua's Ortega

One can loathe the man and still oppose Biden's attempts to isolate the country with the same old coercive strategies.

Latin America

Daniel Ortega: from revolutionary to absolute overlord

The 17-year Nicaraguan president is now jailing his election opposition and rivals, many of them fellow ex-Sandinistas, now in their 70s.