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mark milley

Bad history makes for bad policy on Ukraine

Bad history makes for bad policy on Ukraine

To contend with Russia the West needs a deeper understanding of its military past, and world view.

Washington Politics

Reported Joint Chiefs pick a boon for China hawks

Air Force Gen. C.Q. Brown has fully embraced the concept of Beijing as the 'pacing threat' and of boosting budgets to meet it.


Were the US and China really on the brink of war last October?

Conditions have been primed for conflict for a long time, but things were unusually tense last fall and it wasn't all about Trump.

Military Industrial Complex

Former General Lloyd Austin reports for duty, and a Pentagon 'reset'

Turns out the defense secretary's confirmation was a piece of cake. Now the hard part, deciding who's in — and out — of the E-Ring.

Military Industrial Complex

Was General Mark Milley speaking truth to power?

While he was subtly explaining why we can’t win in Afghanistan, members of Congress are plotting to keep us there.