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Middle East

Middle Eastern rivalries alive and kicking despite de-escalation

While détente may be the word of the day, there are open wounds and a lot of bad blood raging right under the surface.

Middle East

Playing games in NATO, Turkey eyes its role in a new world order

Erdogan's gamble is a game of high-stakes poker, given that Russia is as much a partner as it is a threat.

Middle East

US-Turkey relations are a nightmare. Is Ukraine the wake up call?

Now that the center of gravity is away from the Middle East and back on Europe, there are renewed opportunities for common ground.

Middle East

Turkey's Kurdish obsession explains Putin's gains and US strains

The sale of a Russian missile defense system encapsulates how the tide has turned.

Middle East

How the American deal for Syria’s oil died

Biden appears to be revoking a Trump-era waiver that put the U.S. in the middle of a battle over Syria's crude resources.