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Middle East

Iran's nuclear program poses problems for China and the US

Are Beijing and Washington drifting toward a new cold war that inhibits any kind of effective cooperation on the nuclear issue?

Washington Politics

Joe Biden's foreign policy: A year in review

The president's handling of the war in Ukraine has largely been the sole bright spot in an otherwise status quo oriented U.S. posture.

Washington Politics

What might a DeSantis foreign policy look like?

It may not be front and center, but the Florida governor and potential presidential hopeful has a long foreign policy record from Congress.

Middle East

Protests in Iran make restoring the JCPOA more urgent than ever

Don't the hawks know that opposing the nuclear deal is giving the hardliners essentially what they want?

Middle East

What’s Israel's next move if the Iran nuclear deal fails?

Without the JCPOA, war is clearly on the horizon, and it’s unclear whether there is a plan B.

Middle East

Far-right Swedish politician to speak at anti-Iran summit in NY

United Against Nuclear Iran is set to host multiple members of Congress alongside an official from a Nazi-inspired party.