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Middle East

Ending the Syria war, getting US troops out, and lifting sanctions

The status quo is doing more harm than good. Let's admit failure before more people are hurt and put in harm's way.


After ISIS attacked Iran, journalists pushed false flag theory

History shows that while it may be uncomfortable advancing a regime’s line during an uprising, it’s important to get the facts straight.

Military Industrial Complex

US quietly releases new report on civilian casualties

The American-led coalition fighting ISIS updated its assessment of innocents killed in airstrikes, but the tally is likely far higher.


Who are the Islamic State in Afghanistan?

Thursday's ghastly bombings reflect a real threat to the Taliban's new-found control over the country — and to the U.S. evacuation on the ground.

Middle East

The US war against ISIS in Syria and Iraq is 7-years-old today

With no end in sight and violence under the radar but ongoing, this is one 'forever war' that Biden risks perpetuating.

Middle East

Iraq today is a nightmare that Americans largely sleep through

Until we wake up, our legacy will be arrogance and indifference, and a generation or more of lost souls.