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house of representatives

Military Industrial Complex

GOP won't bird-dog defense budget with these hawks at the helm

Speaker McCarthy may have promised to cut defense spending, but his early actions suggest that he has little interest in rocking the boat.

Middle East

House to put down zombie AUMFs today

But an authorization for military conflict in Africa just won't die as lawmakers move to renew a controversial counter-terror program, too.

North America

Getting anti-war, DoD cost-cutting lawmakers into powerful roles

Reps. Barbara Lee and Betty McCollum just took over two key sub-committees focused on foreign policy and defense spending.

Global Crises

If Biden truly wants bipartisanship, he can start by working to end endless war

Biden should accept House Democratic leaders’ recent offer to repeal and replace the 2001 and 2002 AUMFs.

Middle East

House Dems unite to support the Iran nuclear deal

Democrats organized a letter to Joe Biden 'strongly endorsing' his pledge to rejoin the 2015 accord that blocked Iran's pathways to a nuclear weapon.