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Rehabilitating Assad: The struggle for influence in Syria's endgame

How Damascus could become the next arena for geopolitical competition between the region's Arab power centers and Iran.

Middle East

Lebanon’s energy crisis fuels US-Iran tensions

In the midst of an economic collapse and an energy crisis, Lebanon has found itself in a tug of war between the United States and Iran.

Global Crises

It’s time to rethink US terrorism designations

The State Department’s terrorist lists have become politicized and counterproductive.

Middle East

Europe should back away from US strategy in the Levant

The United States is plunging further into its self-defeating foreign policy with new "maximum pressure" sanctions on Syria and anyone doing business with it.

Washington Politics

Why the US should allow Lebanon's IMF loan application

The Trump administration recently blocked Iran form getting an IMF loan amid the COVID-19 crisis and it’s likely to do it again because of Hezbollah’s role in Lebanon’s government  


Will the EU follow Germany in banning Hezbollah?

The argument advanced by Pompeo, Grenell, AJC and others that banning Hezbollah is not an obstacle to engaging with the Lebanese government is disingenuous at best.