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Middle East

Iran’s hardliners pursue a complex resistance strategy

President Raisi's need to alleviate his people's economic suffering will serve as impetus for both a JCPOA return and regional diplomacy.


What to expect from the new Iranian president – a view from the Caucasus

The election of a hardliner could augur a more security-oriented approach by Tehran toward Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Middle East

Hard-liners fight for Iran’s presidency and foreign policy

For the last two years, opponents of negotiating any deal with the United States on the nuclear issue—or any other matter—have been consolidating power.

Calexit: the new anti-American fixation of Iranian hardliners
Middle East

Calexit: the new anti-American fixation of Iranian hardliners

On Twitter, where hundreds of Iranian accounts have been rooting for #Calexit lately, one user wrote, “Dear people of California: our country (Iran) wants your independence, and we are ready to help you in any way we can.”

Middle East

Iran's hardliners renew focus on restricting internet

Internet has in recent years made its way to the long list of foes Iranian hardliners wholeheartedly wish to defeat in preparation for transmuting the country into an “Islamic North Korea.”