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foreign policy

The zombification of US national security
North America

The zombification of US national security

Time to drive a stake through the heart of these establishmentarian ideas, which are super dysfunctional but never seem to die.

Washington Politics

Survey: Americans want to scale back military entanglements

But Morning Consult should be taken to task for calling this impulse a 'preference for isolationism' versus 'engagement.'

Washington Politics

The battle for who owns 'conservative statecraft'

Former Bush/Trump era interventionist Nadia Schadlow wants to claim the label, but this author is drawing a hard line in the sand.


Rand Paul: Promoting negotiations over war doesn't make you a Putin sympathizer

The senator told a friendly audience of conservatives that there is no reason to 'throw out our principal beliefs.'


No 'Putin apologia' and certainly not new: the Old American Right on war

This is actually your great-grandfather's non-interventionist conservatism, and it is making a comeback.

North America

How the Blob mislabels 'allies' to manipulate and get its way

The US has a bad habit of acquiring clients and partners and exaggerating their importance to justify continued entanglements.