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foreign policy

The biggest foreign policy losers of 2023
Global Crises

The biggest foreign policy losers of 2023

From the Biden team and humanity to our wrongheaded TV generals, this was a year of catastrophe and political failure

The zombification of US national security
North America

The zombification of US national security

Time to drive a stake through the heart of these establishmentarian ideas, which are super dysfunctional but never seem to die.

Washington Politics

Survey: Americans want to scale back military entanglements

But Morning Consult should be taken to task for calling this impulse a 'preference for isolationism' versus 'engagement.'

Washington Politics

The battle for who owns 'conservative statecraft'

Former Bush/Trump era interventionist Nadia Schadlow wants to claim the label, but this author is drawing a hard line in the sand.


Rand Paul: Promoting negotiations over war doesn't make you a Putin sympathizer

The senator told a friendly audience of conservatives that there is no reason to 'throw out our principal beliefs.'


No 'Putin apologia' and certainly not new: the Old American Right on war

This is actually your great-grandfather's non-interventionist conservatism, and it is making a comeback.