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Military Industrial Complex

Killer drone opera lands at Kennedy Center this fall

It’s got tears, drama and F-16s. 'Grounded' is explosive fun for the whole family — brought to you by General Dynamics!


Young people want to cut defense budget, end arms sales to Israel and Saudi Arabia: poll

This generation appears less confident in the benefits of American militarism than their older counterparts.


Report: White House wants to sell our killer drones to Ukraine

Biden tells us we are not enabling Ukraine to strike outside its borders, but we seem to be giving it every opportunity to do so.

Military Industrial Complex

Lawmakers ask Biden for changes to US counterterror policy

A group of senators and House members says continued civilian casualties and lack of accountability are not sustainable.

Global Crises

Airwars: Biden dramatically decreased global airstrikes in 2021

Military operations continue, as do civilian casualties, but are they down more than any time in recent history.

Global Crises

The mirage of clean 'over-the-horizon' air strikes

We know targets will be less accurate without on-the-ground intel, resulting in more civilian casualties and greater backlash.