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drone war

Military Industrial Complex

Killer drone opera lands at Kennedy Center this fall

It’s got tears, drama and F-16s. 'Grounded' is explosive fun for the whole family — brought to you by General Dynamics!

Global Crises

'Sweeping' DoD plan to mitigate civilian harm merely humanizes endless war

New protocols seeking to make US military operations more ethical and compassionate have the awkward effect of legitimizing them.


Afghanistan a year later: Will 'over the horizon' normalize Endless War?

In the past, Washington needed everyone's support behind military conflicts. Today it wants people to forget. Drones help them do that.

Military Industrial Complex

US quietly releases new report on civilian casualties

The American-led coalition fighting ISIS updated its assessment of innocents killed in airstrikes, but the tally is likely far higher.

Military Industrial Complex

Lindsey Graham melts down, shouts at drone war critics

The South Carolina senator insists that it's just a "matter of time" before terrorists slip into the US and slaughter us.

Global Crises

Will we finally accept that 'precision airstrikes' don't exist?

A Times exposé revealing a ‘system of impunity’ at the Pentagon regarding civilian casualties should be a catalyst for change.