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costs of war


Stop the escalatory ladder in Ukraine, we want to get off

Ukraine is asking for new 'security guarantees' from the West which will only ratchet up the spending and risk a nuclear spiral, say critics.


Pentagon contractors in Afghanistan operated with minimal disclosure and oversight

According to a new report, the Defense Department doled out billions to companies that are not identifiable on contracting databases.


New report: Decades of US military aid has been a disaster for Nigerians

Washington's $2 billion counterterrorism program was supposed to enhance security, but it's had the opposite effect.

Middle East

The US makes the rules, and Syria massacre was no exception

It's fine to be outraged but don't be shocked: our righteous war-making is not clean, nor humane. It never was.

Middle East

Who should I hold responsible for the death of my son in Iraq?

On this Memorial Day, let us reflect on the role 'we the people' played in our failed post-9/11 wars and the loss and damage of so many souls.


Staying in Afghanistan could cost another $49 billion

If Biden increases troops, it'll be more. We should be focused right now on the multiple domestic crises demanding our attention.