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North America

DOJ drops probe into former Brookings president's lobbying

Retired Gen. John Allen was being investigated for undisclosed work on behalf of the government of Qatar.

Washington Politics

Brookings president resigns after being accused of secretly lobbying for Qatar

Federal authorities said retired four-star general John Allen used his work email in efforts to influence US policy on behalf of Doha.

Washington Politics

Feds accuse Brookings president Gen. Allen of illegally lobbying for Qatar

The retired four-star general allegedly used his role at the top think tank to influence US policy on behalf of Doha.


Can we make think tanks great again?

These institutions still have something to offer, but a lack of transparency has hurt their credibility as honest brokers.

Military Industrial Complex

Was General Mark Milley speaking truth to power?

While he was subtly explaining why we can’t win in Afghanistan, members of Congress are plotting to keep us there.