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Military Industrial Complex

House effort to kill a 22-yr-old endless war bill is a bipartisan affair

Rep. Dan Bishop leads amendment to sunset 2001 AUMF and counts Democrat Rep. Barbara Lee, among others, as its co-sponsors.


Hawley amendment to create special watchdog for Ukraine aid rejected

The Republican senator said Americans deserve to know the $113 billion appropriated for Kyiv is well-spent and accounted for.

North America

A cartel war is an insane way to address fentanyl crisis

Hawks in Congress are clamoring to give Biden power he isn’t even asking for, making a mockery of congressional powers

Time to rip up the president's blank check for war
Military Industrial Complex

Time to rip up the president's blank check for war

The 2002 military authorization — up for a vote today — is largely symbolic. The 2001 AUMF is what's being used to justify all post-9/11 interventions.

Middle East

Matt Gaetz leads Wednesday to bring all US troops home from Syria

The war powers bill will require President Biden to remove Armed Forces within 180 days

Global Crises

The US military is operating in more countries than we think

A new report finds that DOD uses 'security cooperation' programs for 'secret wars,' recommends that Congress rein them in.