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Global Crises

Russian aggression gives US excuse to focus military, and more, on Arctic

In its new strategy, Washington will “seek to uphold international law, rules, norms, and standards in the Arctic.”

Global Crises

Arctic military build-up poses new geopolitical and climate risks

A recent Senate proposal would needlessly create conditions for conflict with Russia while generating more greenhouse gas emissions.

Global Crises

How the war in Ukraine has altered the Arctic's regional dynamics

Western countries are stuck between the need to condemn Russia while at the same time needing Moscow’s cooperation.

Global Crises

Why we should put a freeze on Arctic militarization

Diverting US ships and fighter jets to the region will just waste taxpayer dollars.

Global Crises

Don't put the Arctic on the back burner: Multilateralism's role in a melting north

The US can no longer afford to ignore the potential for regional conflict due to a changing climate.