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Is this the Middle East escalation we've been fearing?
Middle East

Is this the Middle East escalation we've been fearing?

New US strikes killed fighters while the DoD admits 52 attacks against its troops since October 7.

Military Industrial Complex

US quietly releases new report on civilian casualties

The American-led coalition fighting ISIS updated its assessment of innocents killed in airstrikes, but the tally is likely far higher.

Middle East

In many cases, our attempts to help US track civilian deaths went nowhere

Airwars says it worked with the military to identify incidents, but newly classified docs show that in many cases, they were ignored.

Global Crises

Airwars: Biden dramatically decreased global airstrikes in 2021

Military operations continue, as do civilian casualties, but are they down more than any time in recent history.

Middle East

The US makes the rules, and Syria massacre was no exception

It's fine to be outraged but don't be shocked: our righteous war-making is not clean, nor humane. It never was.

Middle East

The US war against ISIS in Syria and Iraq is 7-years-old today

With no end in sight and violence under the radar but ongoing, this is one 'forever war' that Biden risks perpetuating.