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W. James Antle III

Washington Politics

Expect tonight's GOP debate to showcase party war over Ukraine

Much has changed in Republican foreign policy discourse in the last 20 years, with the neoconservative monologue a true thing of the past.


Are Republicans really poised to put brakes on Ukraine aid?

A serious split on foreign policy in the party on the eve of the midterms shows the issue is far from decided.


'New Right' takes it back to old pre-neocon roots, starting with Ukraine

On this fight, it's the libertarian and populist conservatives coming out to make arguments against proxy war and NATO expansionism. Why?


Don't throw the baby out with the orange-tinted bathwater

George W. Bush, the architect of our 9/11 wars, is trying to tell us how to think and feel about the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Washington Politics

After Trump, the pro-war GOP is getting the band back together

But is the Republican grassroots outside the Beltway truly interested in their same old tune?