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Thomas W. Lippman

Middle East

How Biden will change business as usual with Saudi Arabia

The US will maintain security cooperation with the Gulf kingdom, but the days of preferential treatment are long gone.

Washington Politics

How small parts of the world suddenly became very important to US security in 2020

Recent events in central Asia and western Africa have had a major impact on world power geopolitics.

Middle East

Saudi Arabia’s push for nuclear power risks further destabilizing the region and beyond

The Saudis appear to be abandoning an agreement they made with the Bush administration that they would not pursue enrichment and reprocessing.

Middle East

How Israel’s Likud Party played the long game toward annexation of the West Bank

Back in 1977, the Likud Party's platform called for "only Israeli sovereignty" over the land between Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea.

Middle East

The future of war in Yemen amid COVID-19 and a failed ceasefire

Saudi Arabia recently announced a ceasefire in Yemen, and then immediately violated it. What's next?