Sera Koulabdara

Sera Koulabdara serves as Executive Director of Legacies of War, the only international educational and advocacy organization based in DC. Legacies of War is working to address the impact of conflict in Laos during the Vietnam War-era, including removal of unexploded ordnance (UXO) and survivor assistance.

Prior to this role, Sera was a long-time volunteer and served on Legacies’ board for 4 years in multiple leadership positions including Vice-Chair.

Under Sera’s leadership, US funding for UXO clearance in Laos reached $40M – the highest level in history and the Legacies of War Recognition and UXO Removal Act was introduced by Senator Baldwin. If approved, this historic bill will recognize the people of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam who fought alongside American troops during the Vietnam War and authorizes landmark funding of $100M for 5 years divided among the 3 countries of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

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