Steven Katz

Steven Katz served as an active-duty, combat engineer Army officer for six years and joined the Army in response to the 9/11 attacks. He served two combat tours to Iraq in ground combat leadership positions, receiving the Bronze Star medal for his conduct that enabled the Anbar Awakening movement in Ramadi in 2006-2007. Katz also worked as a strategy consultant and has extensive travels to Afghanistan. He previously worked as a civilian for U.S. Special Operations Command, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and within the Office of the Secretary of Defense. He specializes in just war, surveillance issues, and civil-military relations.
Katz holds a Bachelor of Arts from Georgetown University, a Master of Public Policy from Harvard University, a Master of Business Administration from Georgetown University and a Master of Strategic Studies from the U.S Army War College (expected 2022). He has been published on national security, human rights, and military ethics topics in major news publications, such as: the New York Daily News, Defense One, Forward, the Washington Post, the Christian Science Monitor, the National Interest, Just Security, Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, the Washington Times, and the Military Times.

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