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Sara Bakhtiar

Middle East

Inclusion of Arab and Afghan American women in national security can help reduce US militarism

Those who have experienced the effects of war on their communities have useful insights for how to move toward more humane policies and embrace the role that diplomacy can play.

Middle East

It is time for the US to pursue a new path in the Middle East

The Quincy Institute’s report outlines a shift in the direction of U.S. foreign policy, advocating for a dramatic decrease in America’s military footprint in the Middle East and in favor of greater diplomatic engagement with the region’s actors.

Middle East

Regardless of who wins in November, the US is likely to stay in Afghanistan

It’s unlikely that we will see a complete end to the 19-year long war under Trump or Biden, or pressure from the leadership of either party in Congress to do so.

Washington Politics

How to reverse the US’s shockingly low Global Peace Index ranking

America must reorient a significant portion of its federal budget away from defense spending and towards public health and social services to build greater internal peace and resilience.