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Katrina vanden Heuvel

Thanks to Biden, the War Party is back

Thanks to Biden, the War Party is back

The president's policies reflect his appointments: ideologues who should have retired after previous foreign policy debacles.


When facts cut through the fog of war

As the Ukraine counteroffensive grinds on, conditions on the ground are now too obvious to ignore. Is it time for talking, yet?


What kind of peace do we seek? At 60, JFK's speech never gets old

On Saturday it will be six decades since the 35th president made a call for not seeing the Soviet enemy as ‘evil.’ We have a lot to learn.


How did we avoid a Cuban Missile 'Armageddon'? Strategic empathy.

The ability of both Kennedy and Khrushchev to understand each other in October 1962 is a lesson for the US and Russia in 2022.


Hang up the magical thinking and try strategic empathy on for size

The US approach to Russia hasn't been working for years, mostly because it's been spearheaded by alarmists in the blob.