Kat DesCamp-Renner

Kat DesCamp-Renner recently completed the summer as a Researcher at the Center for International Policy’s Security Assistance Monitor program. She is in her senior year as an undergraduate at the University of Virginia majoring in Foreign Affairs and Global Studies: Middle East and South Asia. Kat was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and now lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. Her academic focus, and forthcoming senior thesis, center on Iran’s foreign policy, and she is proficient in Persian (Farsi). She has been employed as a research assistant for Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Professor of Practice Jerry White, in the University of Virginia’s Department of Politics, since 2018. Her research focuses the persecution of the ethno-religious Yazidi minority in Iraq, specifically regarding the impact of social and political instability, as well as how substantive development policy can improve conditions for Iraqi Yazidis. Prior to working at the Center for International Policy, she served as the Government Affairs Intern at Churches for Middle East Peace.

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